The next Oregon SHARP Alliance General Assembly Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 11, 2014, from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Mill Casino, at 3201 Tremont Avenue in North Bend OR.

The topic of the meeting will be “Lean into Safety: Building a Culture of Safety Excellence with 5S Principles” presented by VPP members of the Oregon SHARP Alliance.  You do not have to be a SHARP Alliance associate and there is no cost to attend this session, which is being hosted by Roseburg, a Forest Products company.

A short general assembly meeting (for the interchange and sharing of knowledge) will be held immediately prior to the training session, from about 9:00 am until 9:15 am.  Lunch will be provided along with a networking session with Alliance associates during the noon hour.

If you plan to attend the Oregon SHARP Alliance general meeting and stay for lunch, please RSVP by calling Bobby Hammond at 541-396-1182, or by e-mail at  roberth@rfpco.com by September 4, 2014 so we can prepare for the appropriate number of attendees.

We hope to see you there!

The Oregon SHARP Alliance has many companies who have outstanding workplace safety and health programs for several years while in the SHARP or VPP programs. These folks have made safety and health an integral part of doing business.


Full membership is open to those companies who have received SHARP or VPP recognition by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division and who are in good standing with Oregon OSHA. Membership is by company, organization, unit, or designated representative which has received the SHARP or VPP designation. Associate membership is open to any individual, company, governmental organization, or other entity who supports the mission, purpose, and goal of the Oregon SHARP Alliance.

Apply for membership!

If you would like to join the alliance please  print and complete an application (acrobat file) and mail it to the address shown.

Replacement flags now available for SHARP graduates and VPP Star!  See them at the Alliance STORE.


More information

For SHARP Alliance correspondence, please contact:
Oregon SHARP Alliance
Attn: Jennifer Olson-Morzenti, Alliance Chair
C/O: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eugene
For application, dues, or other remittance, please contact:
Oregon SHARP Alliance
Attn: Bobby Hammond, Treasurer
C/O: Roseburg Forest Products, Coquille