All about the SHARP Alliance

The Mission of the Oregon SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) Alliance is to promote safety and health management and cooperation among companies and government for the betterment of all Oregon workers.

The Oregon SHARP Alliance is an advocate for excellence in occupational safety and health, continuous growth of the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) and the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and for a positive relationship with Oregon OSHA. Its goals include:

Promoting the achievement of SHARP and VPP recognition
"" Assisting companies who are already in the process of becoming SHARP or VPP
"" Assisting all companies in Oregon in safety and health management
"" Providing input to Oregon OSHA on activities, rules, and strategic planning
Serving as a resource to other members of the Oregon SHARP Alliance

The Oregon SHARP Alliance is a non-profit organization comprised of Oregon employers who currently hold SHARP or VPP status, companies working toward becoming SHARP or VPP certified, and other companies interested in promoting safety and health in the workplace.

The Oregon SHARP Alliance is a proud co-sponsor of the Blue Mountain Occupational Safety and Health Conference which is held inĀ Eastern Oregon annually.

Full membership is open to those companies who have received SHARP or VPP recognition from Oregon OSHA. Associate membership is open to all others.

The SHARP Alliance provides training, networking and mentoring opportunities for member companies. Alliance membership also gives companies with the opportunity to provide input to Oregon OSHA. Please consider the Oregon SHARP Alliance as a potential tool to help you improve your safety and health management systems.

Letter to prospective members from the Alliance Chair

SHARP: a natural steppingstone to VPP

(article excerpted from March 2002 Oregon OSHA “Resource” Newsletter)

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